About Us

Founded in early 2007, in response to a local need, Wolfwood rescues, rehabilitates and releases injured and displaced wildlife and rehomes rescued and unwanted dogs. Our work is constantly expanding as we take on any challenge; caring for the injured wildlife until they can be safely released. We work alongside local vets and RSPCA officers; our dogs and wildlife are from a wide catchment area.

We are a small, friendly rescue frequently have many dogs needing new homes. Plenty of advice and support are part of our personal and friendly service. We work on a one to one basis and tailor each individual dogs need to prospective new owners. Some dogs are easily homed, while others require significant commitment from new owners and take more than the required two visits and time together before we are happy to release them. The dogs are all wormed, fully vaccinated, neutered (if old enough), routinely treated for fleas and Identi-chipped. A contribution towards covering this cost is greatly appreciated.

Our original charity shop in Lancaster opened in 2008 and was very popular. In Sept 2012 it was destroyed in a serious fire and was relocated to 201 Bowerham Road, Lancaster (opposite Moorside school). In May 2014 we opened a second charity shop on Market St. in Morecambe and this was joined in August 2015 by a further shop on Lentworth Dr. in Lancaster. The income generated is used carefully and wisely.

We have the support of our local vets and the dedication, enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to move forward. Wolfwood draws on qualified training, sixteen years experience of rehoming a wide range of animals and over 21 years equine experience. We have a good working relationship with our local Dog Wardens, Vets, the Police, Dog Pounds and Animal/Wildlife Rescue Centres in various parts of the country.

Wolfwood received no funding. Any help towards our running costs, which include large vet bills, is hugely valued click here for further information on ways you can support us.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.